U.S. Internet Customers Pay More for Less

Customers in the U.S. continue to pay higher prices for slower Internet. So says a new report from New America’s Technology Institute (OTI) .

When compared globally, Americans in major cities pay higher-than-average prices for 25 megabits per second (Mbps) and get slower-than-average speeds for $50 per month. Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo lead the world in providing higher speeds for lower prices, each offering 1 gigabit per second plans for under $40. Large U.S. cities, on the other hand, like Los Angeles; New York; and Washington D.C.; have maximum speeds of only 500 Mbps, and that costs about $300 a month.

The report’s data show that customers in the U.S. still pay significantly more than most of Europe.

“International consumers can pay the same price as U.S. consumers for data caps that are as much as 40 times the size of those offered by U.S. providers,” wrote the report’s authors.

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