Voice4Net Debuts WebRTC-based Contact Center Client Solution

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Voice4Net is introducing RTC Client, a new contact-center solution based on the WebRTC (Web real-time communications) protocol, enabling businesses to establish what the company says is a customized and easy-to-deploy agent desktop.

The RTC Client offers a widget-based GUI with a series of swappable, drag-and-drop work elements that can be populated on an agent desktop quickly to meet business needs. Since the solution works through a standard browser, as opposed to a third-party plug-in, it shouldn’t require user training, Voice4Net said.

Dealers and integrators can add RTC Client to a legacy contact center in a single visit, with minimal downtime or disruption. Providers can therefore offer customers an effective, sophisticated and distinct solution that addresses specific business processes — without requiring significant hardware upgrades or a wholesale system overhaul, the company added.

“Integrators can achieve extensive personalization in just a single-day software installation, compared to weeks using legacy technology,” said Rick McFarland, chief executive officer at Voice4Net. “Our approach leverages the WebRTC protocol as a business application, not just a collaboration tool, creating a highly effective solution that can be easily manipulated, seamlessly integrated with back-office functions, and installed right over a legacy system.”

The RTC Client is part of a larger suite of browser-based solutions that Voice4Net plans to release in the coming months. Voice4Net’s WebRTC-based technologies are currently being deployed across a variety of vertical markets throughout the U.S. through a series of white-label solutions offered by hosted and premise-based communications partners. 

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