Arbor Networks Releases Peakflow 7.0

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Peakflow 7.0, by Arbor Networks, should now detect Fast Flood DDoS in as little as one second and then initiate mediation within 30 seconds.

That’s because new features in the platform include built-in SSL Inspection to block encrypted attacks; improved attack countermeasures; and enhanced workflow, reporting and analysis.

Time to mitigation is critical for MSPs, VARs and other partners because Fast Flood attacks can ramp up to multi-hundred gigabits in size in a matter of seconds and cause collateral damage across a network. For its part, through the end of the third quarter, Arbor saw more than 130 attacks larger than 100Gbps, marking a spike in the frequency of volumetric attacks compared to previous quarters, the company said.

The Peakflow platform includes two main components, Peakflow and the Peakflow Threat Management System. The former combines anomaly detection and traffic engineering with the latter’s threat management capabilities.

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