AirTight Simplifies Wi-Fi Deployments with Mobile App

AirTight Networks, a provider of managed Wi-Fi, is helping channel partners – VARs and MSPs – make deploying Wi-Fi easier with AirTight Nano, a mobile web app.

With Nano, “the channel has the opportunity to deliver low-touch, enterprise-grade Wi-Fi solutions to SMBs or chains with small franchises,” said Anita Pandey, vice president of global marketing for AirTight, in an interview with Channel Partners.

She explained that partners can drop ship Wi-Fi access points to the customer site and configure it remotely using the Nano mobile app. It’s so simple, Pandy said customers also can do it themselves.

Typically, AirTight partners would access the APs through Mojo Studio, the cloud-based single signon dashboard. But with the Nano mobile app, partners can bypass Mojo Studio and take care of configurations from their smartphone.

“They could be on vacation and they can use the app,” said Pandey, explaining that Nano automates setup by asking a few basic questions on the front end, which Nano communicates to Mojo Studio to execute on the back end.

For example, if a partner logs into Nano, they can activate an SSID profile for guest Wi-Fi, but in the background Nano triggers predefined policies for that class of service, including intrusion protection,  etc.

“AirTight Nano abstracts the complexity from the user,” Pandey said. It gives onsite personnel, with or without IT skills, the ability to customize their Wi-Fi networks  from their mobile. They can get enterprise-class Wi-Fi up and running in minutes.

Significantly, Pandey said Nano was developed to be mobile responsive, meaning it’s not an existing app adapted to mobile devices but instead was built for mobile devices. And, it’s compatible with all operating systems.

AirTight Nano will be available in November 2014 as part of the cloud subscription, with no additional fees.

AirTight partners have two discount models. One wherein they sell the monthly cloud subscription and the equipment separately and the other that bundles the equipment with the subscription. Partners can mark up the gear/subscriptions as they choose.

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