SkyOffice Renamed, Now Called SherWeb Communication and Collaboration

SherWeb has renamed its flagship hosted exchange bundles from SkyOffice to SherWeb Communication and Collaboration.

The cloud services provider says its new branding strategy is part of a larger effort to make its hosted services more accessible to the growing number of businesses and resellers looking to embrace the cloud.

“The cloud industry has matured tremendously since we first began in 1998, and so have customer and channel expectations,” said Donna Zamiska, marketing manager at SherWeb. “As our cloud offering grows over time, our product names will need to be more descriptive and most importantly, channel-friendly.”

The company offers three choices of flexible partnership models: reseller, distributor and advisor. Partners can choose to white-label, co-brand or get paid to make referrals and let SherWeb take charge of the customer relationship.

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