Wireless Wars Roll On With AT&T’s Double Data Business Plans

Business customers can take advantage of the latest in data doubling and price cuts — this newest move comes from AT&T.

The carrier this week is offering double the data on its Mobile Share Value Plans for Business. New and existing business and government customers who sign up by Oct. 31 can get:

  • 120GB for the price of 60GB       
  • 160GB for the price of 80GB
  • 200GB for the price of 100GB
  • 300GB for the price of 150GB
  • 400GB for the price of 200GB 

“The rapid pace of business creates the need for companies to share content virtually anytime and anywhere,” said Cathy Martine, president, Enterprise Business Solutions, AT&T. “Nearly one-third of small businesses have doubled their use of data on mobile devices in the past two years. We offer the flexibility for businesses to choose a sharable data plan that best fits their business. Companies can not only select from larger data plans, but also share twice the data at no extra cost.”

On the consumer side, Verizon late last week said it would offers customers 15GB for $110 per month, which is an upgrade over the carrier’s old plan of 14GB for $120. It’s 30GB plan is just $130, way down from its previous price tag of $225. Big Red also said it would double the amount of shared data on its family plans starting at 20GB. This offer, too, ends on Oct. 31.

Verizon’s move came after AT&T doubled its 15GB family plan to 30GB, for the same price of $130 per month. That, in turn, was in response to a similar offer from Sprint in August. T-Mobile has a deal of 10GB for $100, available for sign-up until Oct. 28.

In this case, competition truly is good for the consumer.

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