Farewell to COLOTRAQ’s ‘Most Interesting Man in Telecom

Known as “The Most Interesting Man in Telecom,” COLOTRAQ CFO Jack Rabinowitz, 67, lost his long battle with cancer on Aug. 24, 2014. For many in theCOLOTRAQ's Jack Rabinowitz communications channel, the news of his death came during a tribute from his friend and business partner Dany Bouchedid, CEO of COLOTRAQ, during the company’s 15th anniversary party, held Sept. 8, at  Republic New Orleans during Cloud Partners:

“Last but certainly not least, I’d like to take a moment to recognize someone very near and dear to us at COLOTRAQ who cannot be with us tonight as he finally lost his valiant battle with cancer two weeks ago,” said Bouchedid from the stage. “He was one of the most incredible people I have ever known. He was known to many of you as ‘The Most Interesting Man in Telecom’ — my friend of 20 years and my business partner, the incomparable Jack Rabinowitz! Some of you may remember the Dos Equis satire commercial we made a few years back featuring Jack. Well, let’s watch it again in his honor.”

And so it played. And we remembered. And, we smiled. And then we felt sorry for our loss.

"The Most Interesting Man in Telecom"True to the commercials he spoofed, Rabinowitz was possessed of seemingly opposing talents. He oversaw both finance and marketing for COLOTRAQ.  Prior to joining the company, he directed creative services in the Branding & Communications Department of JPMorgan Treasury Solutions, a Technology Services business of the JPMorgan Chase Bank. During his career, he also was president and founder of Cussionair Therapy Products and a partner in Rabinowitz & Co., a public accounting firm. He became a certified public accountant in 1979.

“I feel like [his bio] is such an inadequate description of how amazing this man was,” Bouchedid told Channel Partners. “A clinical genius, both sides of his brain fired on all cylinders. [He was the] only person I ever knew that was a CPA and great with numbers yet also an artist and a creative genius.”

Bouchedid gave Rabinowitz the nickname “Spock” after the logically minded Vulcan of Star Trek fame. “He was the most logical and analytical person I have ever known,” Bouchedid said. “But unlike Spock, he was a humanitarian — full of love, compassion and kindness.”

Rabinowitz is survived by his wife, Vita, and his daughters, Amanda and Emily. His obituary described him as a “a true lover of life, a passionate intellectual, an avid gourmand, a technology enthusiast, a progressive liberal and above all, a devoted and loving husband and father.”  

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