iPhone 6: Apple’s Big Weekend Sales to Reach $7 Billion

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We’ve come to expect some staggering sales numbers from Apple, but this ridiculous.

After we told you on Tuesday that the Silicon Valley giant sold out of the new devices 24 hours after becoming available for pre-order, some analysts predict that Apple will bring in $7 billion – that’s billion with a “b” – in revenue, and perhaps more in its first weekend of sales alone. (The new smartphones hit stores on Friday.)

“Every Apple iPhone launch steps up the pressure to sell more products, and Apple has consistently delivered larger sales each year,” noted Carl Howe, VP of 451 Research, commenting on a MacWorld article. “We saw 9 million iPhone 5s and 5c phones sold in their first weekend of availability in 2013, which was an 80 percent increase over the 5 million iPhone 5 smartphones sold in their weekend debut in 2012. While I don’t expect to see first weekend iPhone 6 sales to ramp up another 80 percent – that would place first weekend sales at 16 million – I do expect iPhone 6 sales to top 10 million in the first weekend because of the high level of pre-orders and pent up demand for iPhone upgrades,” said Howe.

Furthermore, the iPhone 6 Plus – with a 5.5-inch display – costs more, raising the average price of iPhones sold. They’re now going for a mean price of $750 off-contract. That’s how Howe came up with his figure of $7 billion.

“Given the extended delivery times now being quoted on Apple’s own storefront, Apple doesn’t appear to have any problem with demand for this new iPhone 6 family,” Howe added. “Despite building and stockpiling millions of phones in advance of this weekend, Apple’s the only company I know where the most likely complaint from consumers is going to be, ‘You didn’t make nearly enough of them.'”

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