Motorola Solutions Releases New Barcode Scanner

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Motorola Solutions announced the release of its new barcode scanner series, DS4308-SR, which allows scanning from up to 28 inches away and has a 15 inch read range.

Some of the key features of the new scanner include, haptic feedback so patients are not disturbed as well as IP42 sealing and a specially designed, disinfectant-ready plastic housing that can be safely wiped down for bar code scanning at the patient bedside. The scanner can also capture bar code data from curved reflective surfaces, such as vials, syringes and IV bags.

The imager offers the versatility of a handheld and presentation scanner with a built-in adjustable stand that enables workers to switch instantly between handheld and hands-free mode simply by picking up or putting down the scanner.

With PRZM imaging, the barcode scanner can pick up barcodes whether they are high-density, displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, or printed on paper and damaged, scratched or dirty.

Green and red light indicators can also be mixed and matched with audio to provide scanning feedback in any environment whether it is a noisy manufacturing production line or a quiet hospital room.

 “Our customers could not be more impressed with the DS4308 series. From the longer read range and more aggressive scanning on smaller codes to the brighter aiming beam in a lighter form factor, the DS4308 will be the new standard in scanning,” said Richard J. Bissonnette, president, Strategic Systems & Technology Corporation.

Motorola is also offering ‘Service from the Start” for the DS4308 series and can provide coverage for normal wear and tear as well as accidental breakage preventing unexpected repair costs.

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