New Motorola Droids Here Soon, Squaring Off Against Apple

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Samsung, for the most part, has it figured out with its Galaxy S series. The Korea-based manufacturing giant typically unveils its new flagship device in the spring, several months before Apple’s iPhone fanfare.

But others take a different approach, going head to head with Apple in an effort to get more of those holiday dollars in the fall and winter. Take Motorola for instance, which has had some solid success with its Droid lineup – both among business users and the general consumer – but remains far behind Apple and Samsung in market share.

Chicago-based Motorola Mobility, which is being acquired by computer giant Lenovo of China, appears ready to unleash some more Droids, about 14 months after the release of the Droid Maxx, Ultra and Mini. Slashgear reported that Verizon’s Droid landing page is once again active, leading one to presume we’ll be hearing about Droid release dates very soon. Motorola unveiled its 2012 Droids in September; we’re not sure if it’s wise to revert to the old calendar.

We’ll know a lot more when Motorola holds a media event on Thursday, presumably to introduce the new phones to the world. Apple holds its iPhone event next Tuesday.

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