Verizon Lays Out VoLTE, HD Voice Plans

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Voice communication is getting clearer.

Verizon Wireless says it will roll out Advanced Calling 1.0 – HD voice and video calling – in just a few weeks.

It comes thanks to Voice over LTE, or VoLTE, the latest wireless technology that the carrier says is certain to change how you use your smartphone to make calls. For instance, your device’s contract list will have a video camera icon next to a person’s name who can receive a video call. You’ll be capable of switching back and forth from a voice-only call to a video call.

Of course, many of us are already used to doing this to an extent with apps such as Apple’s FaceTime. The real clincher here is the improved quality of voice – it’s in HD. One might compare the improvement to going from an analog TV signal to a high-definition picture.

Verizon promises to make many high-end smartphones on its network VoLTE-capable with a software update.

T-Mobile has already launched VoLTE nationwide and AT&T has done so in a handful of markets, The Verge noted.

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