iPhone 6 Screen Problems Halted Production: Release Date Impact?

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As fanboys, channel partners and other consumers await the official release date of the iPhone 6, Reuters is reporting that there’s a big problem with the device’s screen. 

The news service on Friday said Apple Inc. suppliers have had to redesign a key part of the screen, a need that has disrupted panel production. It wasn’t clear whether the hiccup, as Reuters called it, will impact next month’s expected release date.

According to Reuters, there was an issue with backlighting, and that put screen assembly on hold for much of the summer. But, things seem to be back on track and suppliers have their people working around-the-clock to make up for last time, Reuters reported.

The scoop comes as Apple is losing market share to lower-cost rivals – even though it’s still one of the top two mobile-device leaders in the world.

Apple has scheduled a Sept. 9 media event during which most observers expect the company to unveil its 4.7- and 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

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