VMware Must Keep Apps Experience Intact or CloudVolumes Buy Will Be Non-Starter

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VMware is getting close to being able to deliver enterprise applications to just about any device, anywhere at any time. But it needs to keep the apps-delivery process intact, no matter the phone or tablet model, or it risks creating a “non-starter” business model.

That’s the word from Chris Marsh, principal analyst at 451 Research, on the heels of VMware’s CloudVolumes acquisition this week.

CloudVolumes is a startup firm that lets enterprises deliver native applications to virtualized environments, across any server or hypervisor, avoiding vendor lock-in. Now, VMware plans to incorporate CloudVolumes into its new DaaS platform, Horizon 6, so enterprises can manage applications and applications delivery.

But, for Marsh, this strategy has to work correctly from the beginning to be a hit.

“The spread of mobile devices in the enterprise is raising big issues in terms of what companies should be doing about migrating legacy, especially Windows, applications to mobile,” Marsh wrote in an Aug. 21 blog, commenting specifically on an eWeek article. “VMware’s purchase of CloudVolumes does not directly answer this question, but it might be the bridging technology that will see VMware either acquire or build out its own way to render desktop applications onto mobile devices without compromising the mobile user experience. … VMware may want the delivery of apps to be device-agnostic but if those applications aren’t giving the right experience, it’s a non-starter.”

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