Sprints New Wireless Plans Signal All-Out War

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Will Sprint’s new shared data plans bridge the gap that’s been steadily increasing between America’s third-largest wireless operator and its chief rivals? That’s the question that industry insiders are asking.

Sprint’s new Family Share Pack gives customers options from $20 per month for 600MB of shared data, all the way up to $225 for 60GB. The core plan includes 20GB for $100 at launch, later increasing to $160. The prices and/or data allotments undercut rivals AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, which all have been lowering their prices and increasing data buckets as well.

Sprint also said it will pay the termination fees – on a temporary basis – for customers who will switch to its network. That’s a move T-Mobile announced last year. Sprint is dumping its “Framily” plans as a result, so we will no longer have to endure those terrible commercials.

“The pricing moves will put short-term pressure on Sprint’s margins but should help it compete for new subscribers,” noted 451 Research’s Rich Karpinski, commenting specifically on a CNET article. “If it wasn’t before, the U.S. market now is clearly in an all-out war to capture new subscribers, including customers adding lines to support tablets or other connected devices. And competitors aren’t standing still. Aggressively anticipating Sprint’s move, T-Mobile updated its own family plans over the weekend, adding support for up to 10 lines (T-Mobile had already dropped its lowest-cost plan to just $100 for four lines with 10GB of data). Verizon and AT&T have also been improving their plans, adding more data to shared data tiers and in some cases cutting prices. And the competition will only intensify.”

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