AT&T Slashes iPad Prices, With a Catch

As Apple gears up for what will be a heavily anticipated iPhone 6 announcement next month, AT&T is discounting the price of its iPads by $200 or more.

What’s the connection, you ask?

The carrier is trying to get rid of inventory ahead of the new product cycle. In order to save two Benjamins – or as much as $230 on an iPad mini – you’ll need to buy an iPhone 5s or 5c with AT&T’s Next installment plan ($27 per month for the device over the next two years). And the tablet comes with a two-year cellular contract.

So you’re actually saving just $100, BusinessWeek noted, since signing a contract for a new iPad at AT&T already gets you $100 off the price. And since you’re shelling out full price for the phone (no subsidy here), you’re paying about $450 more for the option of leaving the carrier without paying an early-termination fee.

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