iPhone 6 Announcement Date Leaked, Release Date to Follow

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Projections for the iPhone 6 release date have been gone back and forth between September and October, but this time there seems to be some teeth to the chatter.

“People familiar with the plans” told Bloomberg that Apple will unveil two new models – a 4.7-inch iPhone and a 5.5-inch iPhone – on Sept. 9. It was a Tuesday in the same week a year ago that the Silicon Valley giant introduced the iPhone 5s. The phone went on sale a couple of weeks later.

If this news turns out to be true, look for the iconic devices to go on sale before September wraps.

The smaller of the two phones would be significantly larger than the 4-inch display that is offered on the 5s. The larger one would fit into the “phablet” category, a smartphone-tablet hybrid.

Many of Apple’s rivals, including Samsung, have gained market share with bigger-screen devices, and Apple has yet to follow suit.

Will new iPhones be the only news on Sept. 9? Not necessarily. Some analysts think new iPads could be unveiled, as well as a wearable device such as the oft-rumored iWatch. Time will tell, but it appears that we’ll only have to wait one month to hear.


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