Want Sub-Second Cloud Provisioning Time? AT&T, IBM, ACS Just Invented the Technology

Scientists from AT&T, IBM and Applied Communication Sciences (ACS) this week announced a proof-of-concept technology that reduces setup times for cloud-to-cloud connectivity from days to seconds.

The advance could lead to sub-second provisioning time with IP and next-generation optical networking equipment, and enable elastic bandwidth between clouds at high connection request rates, rather than requiring static provisioning for peak demand.

AT&T developed the overall networking architecture for the concept, while IBM provided the cloud platform and cloud data center orchestration technologies. ACS oversaw portions including network management, innovation in optical-layer routing and signaling as part of the overall cloud networking architecture. The prototype was implemented on OpenStack.

The work was performed under the auspices of the U.S. Government’s DARPA CORONET program, which focuses on rapid reconfiguration of terabit networks.

“This technology not only represents a new ability to scale big data workloads and cloud computing resources in a single environment, but the elastic bandwidth model removes the inefficiency in consumption versus cost for cloud-to-cloud connectivity,” said Douglas Freimuth, IBM Research senior technical staff member and master inventor.

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