VoIP Logic Hosted PBX Now Supports gUnify

VoIP Logic says its partners are well positioned to expand their unified communications (UC) offerings.

The Los Angeles-based company said on Thursday that its platform-as-a-service (PaaS) now allows its service-provider partners to use gUnify’s communications integration application, which links Google Apps and Salesforce CRM integration with BroadWorks PBX software for the extension of UC deeper into the business workflow.

gUnify has a following of service providers and end users who benefit from a number of integration tools that allow call logging, call reporting, click-to-dial and more. gUnify’s software adds value to VoIP Logic’s technology platform.

Service providers that work with VoIP Logic will be able to order from the BroadSoft marketplace and provision licenses directly with gUnify while getting assistance from VoIP Logic’s tech-support team.

"Our goal is to facilitate access to leading technology for our service-provider partners which allows us to support their growth and expansion. This ecosystem partnership with gUnify supports this goal by keeping our engineers engaged in the support of the technology but allowing our partners to contract directly with gUnify for the most favorable commercial terms," said Micah Singer, CEO of VoIP Logic. "Support for Google Apps and Salesforce CRM integration are of particular importance for hosted PBX providers – we are excited to be platform-ready for these unified communication services."

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