Landline Texting for Businesses Becomes a Reality With Frontier

Landlines and texting? It’s an unusual concept that’s become reality thanks to a new partnership between Stamford, Connecticut-based Frontier Communications and Zipwhip.

Frontier Texting powered by Zipwhip gives businesses the ability to connect with customers who choose the convenience of text messaging as their preferred means of communication. Frontier says it’s the first tier-one operator to text-enable its landline numbers.

Frontier customers who sign up for the program can text – or get a text from – a business’ existing landline or toll-free number. The message is simultaneously pushed to the business’ Internet-connected mobile devices. A business user can then reply back from their device using the Frontier Texting app.

“Adding text messaging to a voice-only line helps businesses handle orders, remind customers of appointments, and answer customer inquiries through a medium that is both familiar to and popular with their customers,” said Ann Burr, president, New Product Trials and Integration for Frontier. “Best of all, the messages go straight to the customer’s texting app on their mobile phone — eliminating the need to download and manage a new app.

Frontier Texting powered by Zipwhip is available now for any small office, home office, and small and medium business served by Frontier.

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