Verizon Fixes Portal Problem That Prevented Customers From Accessing Accounts

Verizon Wireless says it has fixed the problems with its My Verizon portal that barred thousands of its customers and some of its retail stores from accessing account information last weekend.

Users couldn’t pay bills, or get upgrades or activations processed.

The outage started on June 27 and lasted for almost 24 hours, although some people took to Twitter to tell Verizon they still couldn’t get to their deets as of June 28. Verizon later told media outlets the problem stemmed from a software update to the company’s billing system.

Meantime, Verizon also said this week it has deployed its XLTE service to more than 300 markets. Most of the devices sold by Verizon – including the new Droid gadgets, the Samsung Galaxy line, the Apple iPhone and more – are XLTE-ready at purchase, the company said.

XLTE adds capacity in areas where demand is high, especially during busy periods like rush hour, lunch times in crowded areas or during events when mobile-data use is the highest.

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