iPhone 5, 5s Owners in U.S. Are Drunks

America’s iPhone owners are drunks.

Okay, just some of them are, but it’s a pretty significant number if a new survey from is accurate.

One-fifth of the almost 2,500 people polled have an iPhone with a cracked or damaged screen, and almost half (47 percent) of those respondents said the damage occurred while they were drinking heavily.

The other reasons came in way behind that 47 percent, indicating that a near-majority of iPhone fans in the U.S. might want to consider cutting back on the booze unless they’re flush with the Benjamin Franklins required to fix a broken screen.

Here are the top reasons why iPhone damage was incurred:

  1. I was under the influence of alcohol and dropped my iPhone on a hard surface: 47%
  2. My child/a child was responsible for the damage: 19%
  3. I was clumsy and dropped my iPhone on a hard surface: 17%
  4. I dropped my iPhone into water (toilet/pool/wash basin): 9%
  5. My pet/an animal was responsible for the damage: 4%

More than half (61 percent) of respondents own either an iPhone 5, 5C or 5s, while another 32

Percent used one of the 4 models. The remaining 7 percent either hand an original iPhone, the 3G or the 3Gs version.

“I did…have to laugh at the notion that almost half of iPhone users had been drinking alcohol when they damaged their handsets,” said George Charles, a spokesman. “Perhaps next time they will think before they drink and text!”

We doubt it.

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