Cablevision Launches First HD Landline Service in U.S.

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HD voice is all the rage.

Earlier this week, Sprint talked up its HD calling launch and coverage, and now Cablevision Systems Corp. is joining the fray with Optimum Voice – but there’s a big difference from the Sprint offering.

That’s because Optimum Voice is the first HD landline service in the United States, Cablevision said, while talking up the product’s clearer, more crisp calls and quality that makes voices sound more natural and recognizable. Features include:

  • The ability to check messages by phone or online;
  • Caller ID on Optimum TV;
  • Call history viewing;
  • Call forwarding;
  • E911 access; and
  • Local number portability.

“Similar to the advancement from standard to high definition for television, HD calling is a remarkable innovation to our voice services, and we believe customers will be thrilled by the call quality that they will experience with this network upgrade,” said Kevin Packingham, Cablevision’s executive vice president of product management.

HD calling does not incur an additional monthly charge. However, parties on both ends of a call must have phones that support HD calling and, at first, both users must be on the Optimum Voice HD network. Soon, though, Optimum Voice will work with other HD calling services. Optimum Voice is available now in select Cablevision markets and will be available throughout the cable operator’s footprint over the next two months.

Optimum Voice service is available to Optimum Online customers and Optimum TV customers. It’s carried over Cablevision’s network, not the public Internet.

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