gUnify Debuts Salesforce Connector for BroadSoft, Google Chrome

gUnify, a provider of middleware for UCaaS and business productivity platforms, has released a Salesforce Connector that integrates with BroadSoft and Google Chrome.

The gUnify Salesforce Connector works with BroadSoft’s hosted UC platform and IP-connected devices that hook up to Google Chrome. It’s available from the BroadSoft Marketplace and Google Chrome Web Store and is activated with a license key from a BroadSoft service provider.

The gUnify Salesforce Connector facilitates a onetime setup that connects the Salesforce CRM and BroadSoft’s UC services through one login. And because it’s built on the Chrome browser, incoming calls are displayed in screen pops no matter what. In other words, Chrome does not have to be running for the screen pops to display.

The gUnify Salesforce Connector provides “click-to-dial” in Chrome for connection through a BroadSoft service provider. Productivity tools include the option to answer, decline, send the call to voicemail and more. There’s also call tagging and note-taking for all inbound/outbound calls recorded in the Salesforce contact or lead activities.

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