Sungard AS Enhances RaaS Portfolio

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Sungard Availability Services is introducing data management and cloud recovery services that it says significantly reduce recovery times and costs for businesses managing complex, disparate hybrid environments.

Among them is Recover2Cloud for Actifio, based on Actifio’s Resiliency Director. This service, along with Managed Vaulting and Backup for Actifio, offers customers a backup, replication and recovery service in what Sungard AS says is a simple RaaS, per-month, per-gigabyte model. With virtualized data management, Sungard AS delivers an application-centric solution to streamline the management of data growth across heterogeneous storage, network and server infrastructure.

Also new is Recover2Cloud for Server Replication, which protects applications that operate on AIX and iSeries. It allows: data and applications to be restored to a near-zero recovery point; full application environments that often are running critical domain-specific or vertical applications to be recovered in less than four to 12 hours; and applications to restart without the delay and risk of a data-restore process.

Finally, the new Sungard AS Recovery as a Service Customer Portal provides the company’s customers visibility into information such as service health, protection status, usage and alerts. Customers can track single servers across dashboards to determine current and historical performance, which aids in determining efficiencies for specific servers.

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