Apples New iPads Will Close Samsungs Window of Opportunity

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Samsung is rolling out its brand-new Galaxy Tab S, but will it be able to make inroads against Apple’s dominant iPad?

If it’s going to, it better do it soon. July and August will be key months to reach both the business and the consumer markets, says Carl Howe, VP of research at Yankee Group – noting that we’re likely to see new iPads from Apple in September.

“Samsung’s challenge is that Apple’s tablets continue to outsell Samsung’s, and Apple will likely refresh both its iPad models this fall,” noted Howe, commenting specifically on a CNET article. “Samsung still suffers from the smaller number of tablet apps on the Android platform that aren’t just scaled up smartphone apps. Further, despite introducing a wealth of tablet models, Samsung’s tablets still don’t sell as well as Apple’s. I see the head-to-head matchup between the two to be most significant during the next two months of back-to-school season, at which point Apple’s 2014 model iPads will close Samsung’s window of opportunity.”

While Samsung and its bevy of Android-based smartphones have been able to outsell Apple’s iPhone (the company’s only handset) in the last couple of years, uptake of the Korea-based manufacturer’s tablets has been slower. The iPad remains far and away the dominant tablet on the market. The new Tab S, however, certainly packs the punch needed to compete. You can get an 8.4-inch or 10.5-inch device, with a more vivid display than what you get on an iPad. The larger version will set you back $500 for Wi-Fi-only, while the smaller one costs $400. Prices go up for 4G connectivity — approximately on par with iPad prices.

“These new Samsung devices are designed to go head-to-head against Apple’s iPad Air and iPad mini retina at the same US$399 and US$499 price points,” Howe added. “They are a bit larger and a bit thinner than the Apple products, and they weigh about the same. They also offer AMOLED displays, which are higher resolution than Apple’s.”

The new Samsung tablets launch next month. The manufacturer is taking pre-orders now. 

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