T-Mobile Catches AT&T in Phoenix, Verizon Best in Seattle

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T-Mobile is making some major strides.

Just three weeks after being named a top-performing network in Portland, Oregon, for the first time, the Magenta Network has broken through in Phoenix.

Mobile-analytics firm RootMetrics says T-Mobile tied AT&T in Phoenix for overall performance in the first half of 2014. It’s T-Mo’s first No. 1 ranking ever in the Valley of the Sun. (AT&T’s score of 96.2 was slightly better than T-Mo’s 95.9, but it was close enough for RootMetrics to declare it a tie.) The scores for overall performance include results across data, call, and text testing. A good overall RootScore means strong overall coverage and a good consumer experience.

Verizon was very close behind, with 95.3 points. Sprint lagged in last place with just 80 points.

By category, Verizon earned the most points for network reliability, while T-Mobile got the nod for being the fastest.

“In this visit to Phoenix, were seeing T-Mobile’s trend of delivering fast speeds and strong results in the data category continue, said Bill Moore, RootMetrics CEO. “We’ve typically seen tight competition in Phoenix for overall performance, but this was the first time T-Mobile has earned a share of the Overall RootScore Award. And while our results showed that Verizon and AT&T were the most reliable networks, T-Mobile wasn’t far behind. The parity we’re finding in Phoenix tells us that multiple networks can compete, which means consumers in Phoenix win.

RootMetrics also released new numbers for Seattle. After falling behind AT&T in last fall’s measurements, Verizon Wireless bounced back to take the crown once again for overall performance in Jet City.

Verizon earned 97.2 points, followed by AT&T’s 95.6, T-Mobile’s 94.8 and Sprint’s 86. Big Red scored highest in data performance, reliability and call performance. T-Mobile rated best for speed, while AT&T was tops for texting.

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