Apples iPhone, iPad Adoption Still Growing Among Businesses

A new survey of IT professionals indicates that the rapid growth of Apple device adoption in the enterprise won’t slow down, with the trend simply driven by the fact that users like the iPhone and the iPad.

The independent survey was conducted by Dimensional Research on behalf of JAMF Software.

Of those surveyed, the lion’s share say their companies’ IT departments support the iPhone (91 percent) and the iPad (89 percent). Seventy-eight percent of IT pros surveyed cited user preference as the main reason for supporting Apple.

The respondents expect this trend to accelerate, with a whopping 98 percent saying they anticipate Apple device growth in the enterprise to increase by at least 25 percent over the next three years. The report also reveals that the influx of Apple devices will mean more work for IT, as most (91 percent) say Apple device setup and enablement require IT involvement.

So one would assume that IT departments will get the backing they need to cope with this growth, right? Not necessarily. Just two in five (40 percent) said they will get a bigger IT budget, and a mere 20 percent report they plan to hire more staff. Despite additional resources, many companies don’t have a solid plan in place to deal with the growing number of Apple devices (23 percent). And to make matters worse, 80 percent of IT professionals report they do not feel confident in the management software they currently use to support iPhones and iPads, largely due to the fact that IT has had to rely on Windows-based solutions to manage Apple devices.

"Our survey findings show the majority of IT professionals expect to see more Apple in the enterprise," said David Gehringer, principal at Dimensional Research. "Today, nearly 20 percent of respondents say they already support 1,000 Apple devices or more. Organizations are asking IT teams to manage this situation, making scalability and efficiency critical when selecting an Apple device management solution."

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