01 Communique Disappointed By Patent Ruling in LogMeIns Favor

01 Communique, a Canada company that makes remote access collaboration software, says it’s “disappointed” that a U.S. federal appeals court ruled against it in a patent infringement case.

The winner is document management provider LogMeIn Inc., which runs a channel program. The case itself goes back almost four years. In March, a jury ruled that LogMeIn had not infringed on 01’s intellectual property and, on Monday, an appeals court agreed with that finding.

Andrew Cheung, president and CEO of 01 Communique, took issue with the decision, and said the company’s legal fights aren’t over.

“We are disappointed with the finding of non-infringement but believe that decision is limited to that [LogMeIn] case,” said Cheung. “As we move forward with our lawsuit against Citrix, we do so with a patent that has had its validity confirmed by the federal circuit.”

To that point, 01 Communique and Citrix Systems Inc. are engaged in a years-long patent battle. 01 Communique insists Citrix built its GoToMeeting platform on 01’s technology, while Citrix says 01 infringed on its property to create I’m InTouch.


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