Comcasts Business Wireless Gateway Offers Private, Public Wi-Fi Signals

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Comcast Business on Tuesday introduced its Business Wireless Gateway, a device that lets commercial users assign a private signal for themselves and a separate public signal, via the operator’s Xfinity Wi-Fi service, for customers or visitors.

The split-signal capability is included as part of Comcast’s Business Internet service. Comcast considers the addition a value-add, so gateway sales do not create extra compensation opportunities for agents and resellers, or impact existing channel agreements.

“This is a differentiator since it included and will be on one device,” a Comcast spokeswoman told Channel Partners. “Businesses are just now beginning to grasp the importance of robust Wi-Fi in their business, and the need for both private and a public Wi-Fi.”

To that point, Comcast said ideal client profiles include retailers, restaurants, laws firms, real estate offices, gyms, libraries and more.

The Business Wireless Gateway is built to make managing the separation of back-office and public signals an easy process, Comcast said. The gateway and Wi-Fi services are available nationwide, and included with Deluxe 50 or above business Internet plans.

“We do include it with Starter if you add another service – voice or video,” the spokeswoman said. “There is no additional charge for Comcast Business Wi-Fi. The public Wi-Fi service provides unlimited access to Xfinity customers. Non-Xfinity customers are limited to two hours per month.”

Comcast Business supports the device and provides around-the-clock customer service.

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