T-Mobile Breaks Through, Named a Top-Performing Mobile Network

**Editor’s Note: Which is America’s top wireless network? Click here for our compilation of scores.**

In what will be seen as further evidence that T-Mobile USA is improving its network and gaining popularity for its “uncarrier” initiative, the Bellevue, Wash.-based wireless operator has made a breakthrough in mobile analytics firm RootMetrics’ scores.

RootMetrics says T-Mobile has tied AT&T in Portland, Oregon, in its “overall performance” category – which includes measurements for data, calling and texting. AT&T actually scored slightly higher (97.6 points to T-Mobile’s 97.1), but it was close enough for RootMetrics to call it a draw. Verizon Wireless was slightly behind in third place (96.8), while Sprint floundered in last (84.8).

The Magenta Network jumped almost three points from the last time the Portland study was performed (Sept. 2013). It’s the first time that RootMetrics has named T-Mobile the top-performer in Portland, and one of the few cities where the firm has said T-Mo shares victory with either of its larger rivals. (Click here to see how the carriers fare in 50 U.S. cities.)

Overall, the numbers in Portland are quite good compared to many other cities.

“Were seeing all of the networks in Portland improve in the data category overall, said Bill Moore, RootMetrics CEO. This is good news for consumers, meaning they have options when it comes to choosing for the right carrier for them.”

T-Mobile announced a year ago that it was getting rid of postpaid contracts for new customers. Subsidies for smartphones also went away, but customers are allowed to pay the devices off in installments. It’s been an increasingly popular model. The company also has been expanding and improving the quality of its LTE network. 

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