Microsofts Windows RT Is a Failure

Microsoft hopes to reel in business customers with the pending launch of its Surface Pro 3 tablet, which the software giant is positioning to compete with laptops.

But this week’s news of a new device from Microsoft is just as much about what the company didn’t announce, says Boris Metodiev, senior analyst with Yankee Group.

“There were rumors that the company would also launch a 7-inch Windows RT-based tablet aimed at consumer users,” Metodiev noted, commenting specifically on a BBC article. “The fact that the smaller tablet never saw the light of day means Microsoft has finally admitted that Windows RT is a failure, and it has probably given up on the operating system completely.

The new business-oriented Surface is more than one-third larger than its predecessor. The 12-inch device is being billed more as an enterprise-grade PC rather than as a tablet. Microsoft says it is the thinnest “PC” to feature a quad-core processor from Intel.

Metodiev says this is a clear sign that the Nokia name that Microsoft recently purchased will remain associated with consumer devices, while the Microsoft brand will focus primarily on the enterprise.

“Nokia already entered the tablet market with the Lumia 2520 and it is very likely to expand the range of tablets, albeit with some kind of tablet-adapted Windows Phone OS and not Windows RT. Such devices will not compete directly with Surface Pro 3, which already sits more in the laptop category,” the analyst added.

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