LogMeIn Used in $40,000 Subway Gift Card Theft

The remote-access program LogMeIn was used by a California man to steal $40,000 in gift cards from Subway franchises across the country.

Shahin Abdollahi pleaded guilty to exploiting point-of-sale systems that he and a partner had sold to Subway franchises. The two sold the systems to Subway franchises in Franklin, Massachusetts; Sundance, Wyoming; and Lakewood, California, with LogMeIn bundled in with the working POS, according to The Atlantic.

Abdollahi kept the access to the cash registers, allowing him to turn them on at night and load up gift cards with money, which he and his partners then sold on Craigslist to legitimate customers who used them at Subway stores across California.

He knew how to work the POSs and gift cards because he had owned a Subway franchise, but Abdollahi made one critical blunder. He registered the gift cards online, which is itself an optional step, and used email addresses with domains he had registered. The police caught on and his $40,000 sandwich gift card empire soon crumbled.

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