Powernets Ruckus Wi-Fi Available Nationwide

Powernet’s Ruckus Wireless Wi-Fi solutions are now available to businesses and organizations throughout the U.S.

The expanded offering will help deliver fast, reliable and cost-effective Wi-Fi service to warehouses, schools and other work sites with extensive wireless networking demands, the company said. The service also will tie in to Powernet’s new business support packages, which will give clients the choice of three levels of additional service in a graduated pricing model.

“We’ve combined Powernet expertise with Ruckus technology to great effect in the recent past to help organizations overcome their wireless networking challenges,” said John Putnam, vice president of sales for Powernet. “We’re excited to make this solution available to organizations and agents across the country. This has been a long time coming in regards to Wi-Fi solutions for organizations. We’re happy to be among the first actually delivering this technology through agents.”

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