EMCs SDN Announcements Make Enterprises Rethink IT Infrastructure

There’s little doubt that mobile apps are playing a bigger role in the enterprise, and businesses are seeing a huge growth in users. As a result, they’re starting to move away from their private-cloud infrastructures to hybrid clouds in order to improve reliability, efficiency and scale.

EMC, at its EMC World event, this week unveiled a number of software-defined storage technologies, including an Elastic Cloud Storage appliance designed to deliver the public cloud’s cost benefits and agility along with the control and security that is offered in a private cloud.

The storage giant says that the setup lowers total cost of ownership (TCOO) by one-quarter when compared to public clouds from Amazon and Google. The company expects the majority of enterprises will choose a hybrid option by 2020.

“The ultimate promise of mobility for enterprises is greater productivity, operational effectiveness and customer engagement through hyper localization and contextualization of data,” noted Chris Marsh, principal analyst with Yankee Group, commenting specifically on a ZDNet article. “This fundamentally requires a rethink of how IT infrastructure supports business applications and processes — where data is stored, how it moves from backend to mobile devices, how it can ground collaboration, how it is processed. All of this in a mobile world needs to be rethought. It is for this reason that we have seen cloud players like Rackspace and double down on their mobile strategy and why we will see mobility as the critical battleground for all large cloud players over the next few years.”

EMC also this week unveiled a new unified partner program. 

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