Patent War Between Apple, Samsung Just Part of Business

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Apple and Samsung, which both received financial damages last week as a result of an iPhone-Galaxy patent rivalry, appear to be playing a game that some say is “just part of business.”

A jury in California awarded Apple $119.6 million and Samsung $158,400, although the companies were seeking $2.2 billion and $6 million, respectively. Samsung also said it shouldn’t have to pay Apple anything more than $38 million.

“It was obvious that Apple’s initial request of US$2.2 billion was excessive and would never be granted, but the $119.6 million that it was awarded in the end is actually less than what was widely expected. If anything, that only proves that Samsung’s strategy has been good, and it can even encourage the South Korean vendor to keep doing what it’s been doing until now,” Yankee Group senior analyst Boris Metodiev noted, commenting specifically on a Re/code article. “Also, the sheer fact that the titles of the articles about the final verdict state that both Apple and Samsung have been awarded amounts and that they both copied each other’s patents suggests that copying is just part of business and the litigation fees are just one of the many costs of doing business.”

The jury on Friday found that Samsung smartphones violated patents related to two aspects of Apple’s touch-screen interface, the manner of sliding your finger across the screen to unlock the phone, and the feature that allows you to dial a phone number sent in an email by touching it.

Apple is also getting damages in relation to its auto-complete tool, although this is being reconsidered. The jury denied damages for Apple’s patents on synchronizing data and voice-activated searches, such as Siri.

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