OnSIP Debuts PaaS for Cloud Providers to Leverage WebRTC

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New York-based business communications provider OnSIP has unveiled The OnSIP Network, a geographically scaled (patented) signaling platform as a service (PaaS). OnSIP says the network enables developers to quickly and easily build enterprise-grade Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) applications.

Using the OnSIP Network, companies can integrate WebRTC in new and existing offerings without having to develop and manage their own signaling platform. This leads to faster times to market and ongoing infrastructure cost savings, OnSIP said.

The OnSIP Network offering is free now, but the company has plans to roll out a pay-as-you-go pricing model for voice and video calling, user registrations, and messages.

“The OnSIP Network locates and negotiates communications between WebRTC application peers, solving a similar problem that the Public Switched Telephone Network once did for telephones,” said Andy Ogg, OnSIP director of channel.

The network supports any SIP endpoint, including those using WebRTC, and supports all transports: UDP, TCP, TLS, WebSocket, and WebSocket Secure.

EMS personnel using e-Bridge MobileOnSIP Network customer General Devices uses the platform for e-Bridge Mobile, a mobile telemedicine system that allows EMS professionals to place secure HIPAA compliant video-consult calls with physicians during medical emergencies, ensuring the best patient care possible, in the home, ambulance and upon arrival at the hospital.

“As a mobile, wireless and cost-effective solution, our engineers selected SIP video for standards compliance and compatibility,” said Curt Bashford, President/CEO of General Devices. “After doing our research, we chose OnSIP as our hosted SIP provider partner for this mission critical solution.”

WebRTC allows for plugin-free, peer-to-peer audio, video, and data transfer in the browser. As more businesses unlock the potential of WebRTC, OnSIP says the need for a reliable and scalable signaling PaaS provider has reached critical mass.

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