Masergy Launches Intelligent Service Control Mobile App

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Masergy has unveiled its Intelligent Service Control Mobile Application, designed for customers who use the company’s managed cloud networking services.

The new application, available for Android and iOS devices, allows IT pros to manage and control their IT infrastructure, in real time, from anywhere in the world.

Masergy says the new app enables global, on-demand network elasticity and control for cloud computing and other business application needs. With this app, the company says IT administrators can easily respond to network modification requests; submit trouble tickets and check status; view planned maintenance; view status of customer-owned infrastructure; and more.

“IT administrators are often tasked with network modification requests on a moment’s notice,” said John Dumbleton, senior vice president of business development for Masergy. “Masergy’s latest innovation in software-defined network control simplifies this issue by allowing administrators to oversee and modify global network settings from any mobile device.”

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