Cisco Unveils Managed Security Solution

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Cisco is out with a new managed security solution called Managed Threat Defense, which applies real-time, predictive analytics to detect attacks and protect against advanced malware across customers’ extended networks. 

Managed Threat Defense is an on-premises solution, comprised of hardware, software, and analytics designed to monitor, capture and analyze threats. Cisco’s worldwide network of security operations centers (SOCs) monitor the service and provide incident response analysis, escalation and remediation recommendations. 

Managed Threat Defense protects against unknown attacks, not seen by antivirus, by capturing real-time streaming telemetry; leverages Hadoop 2.0 to apply predictive analytics to detect anomalous patterns against each customer’s unique network profile and determine suspicious behavior; identifies known attacks and vulnerabilities using pattern analysis and investigation against both Cisco-proprietary and community threat intelligence data; provides incident tracking and reporting via a subscription-based business model; and includes innovative Cisco security technology such as Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) to detect malware and eliminate unnecessary alerts, Sourcefire FirePOWER for threat detection, and Cisco Cloud Web Security for email and Web filtering.

“As data continues to move to the cloud, more people are accessing data via mobile devices, in addition to sharing data through social channels. Consequently, security has become our customers’ number one concern,” said Bryan Palma, SVP, Cisco security solutions. “Managed Threat Defense lessens the worry associated with protecting against a breach and allows Cisco and its partners to add value where customers need it most.”

Cisco partners can resell this service through the Cisco Service Partner Program (CSPP). It is available in the United States and Canada, and select locations in APJC including: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan. 

Cisco’s recent Annual Security Report revealed that, in a sample of 30 of the world’s largest multinational company networks, all had traffic going to websites that host malware. As cyber threats become more sophisticated, it is increasingly difficult to address them in real-time; in many cases, years pass before organizations are aware their networks have been breached, Cisco noted. The equipment giant estimates this year there will be a global shortage of more than 1 million security professionals. Leveraging external security experts helps reduce costs and provides an opportunity for internal resources to focus on other business priorities.

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