Alteva Releases CRM Connector

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UCaaS provider Alteva on Friday released its CRM Connector, which plugs into applications such as Salesforce.

The idea is to facilitate greater communication and collaboration with Alteva’s hosted UC.

Key features include the following:

  • Caller Preview: See who’s calling, if the caller’s information is found in the local address book or an integrated application.
  • Contact Popping: If the caller’s information is found, full details are “popped” onto a new browser tab.
  • Call Control: Dial, answer, transfer, consult and hang up without touching the handset.
  • Address Book: Regular contacts’ details are stored and searchable in, and dialable from, the local address book.
  • Recent and History Lists: View the most recent numbers dialed or look at a history of all outbound and inbound calls.
  • Real-Time Presence: Check whether colleagues are on the phone.
  • Application and Internet Dialing: Web pages with phone numbers are turned into hyperlinks for easy dialing.

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