Google Glass Sells Out in First Public Availability

Google made its Google Glass wearable computer available for purchase by the general public for the first time Tuesday. The catch? It was only available for one day.

The white version sold out within a few hours and by the end of the sale, the entire stock was gone, CNET reported.

The first-come, first-serve sale was a move to expand the company’s Glass Explorer Program. Anyone over 18 could sign up to buy Google Glass for $1,500.

“I suspect the recent one-day purchase opportunity granted to the public is one way the search giant intends to subtly transition its inventory. It just so happens that April 15 is also the day before the company’s Q1 earnings conference call,” Yankee Group associate analyst Ryan Martin said, commenting specifically on a Time Magazine article. “It’s clear that Google intends to make a name for itself in the burgeoning wearable tech market, even in the earliest of days. However, to successfully do so in consumer markets requires a keen eye toward pricing; enterprise-grade wearables, on the other hand, need utility/use case to be the guiding light. As a result, I believe Google’s wearable tech product strategy will evolve to one that targets specific market segments by balancing the aforementioned needs: price, utility and use case.”

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