SYNNEXs MOBILITYSolv Gives Resellers Automated Quoting, Commissions Tracking

**Editor’s Note: Click here for Channel Partners’ complete coverage of the April 2014 SYNNEX Varnex event in Orlando.**

ORLANDO SYNNEX’s MOBILITYSolv group on Monday divulged that it has given resellers access to automated quoting and commission tracking through the Salestream MasterStream platform.

The companies have been working together since mid-2013 but held the announcement until this week’s Varnex event.

SYNNEX launched MOBILITYSolv, its mobility practice, about a year ago. And as it cemented relationships with suppliers, it also started examining options for an automated system that would let resellers quote deals, and track the timing and amounts of commission payments.

The initial plan was to develop an application in-house. But there were a couple of problems with that approach.

“We didn’t know what we didn’t know, or what the partners wanted,” said Adnon Dow, vice president of global mobility solutions for SYNNEX.

Plus, building a platform internally would take 12-18 months at the least, and MOBILITYSolv was growing too fast to accommodate that wait time.

So, Dow set out to discover what features resellers wanted in an automated platform; then, he tracked down the vendors offering those capabilities. MasterStream won out among several rivals, in no small part because it came highly recommended by carriers and solutions providers.

Indeed, for Salestream, the SYNNEX deal represents a big step into the IT space. MasterStream is well known in the telecom world, serving for almost 15 years as the go-to quoting platform among dozens of providers and agencies alike. Now, Salestream and its flagship software get key exposure within the IT sector, where resellers, MSPs, systems integrators and other partners are adding mobility as one way to foster the all-important recurring revenue stream.

Meantime, as SYNNEX leaned toward MasterStream, executives knew they wanted a platform that could be flexible and customizable – two inherent capabilities of MasterStream, as it turns out.

“They came to us with a Cadillac and we were like, ‘No, we want a VW, but we do want a Cadillac capability down the line,” Dow said. “So they ended up putting us on a path with the basics that we need today and, as we start ramping, we can modularly add those things on, and that was just great thinking outside the box.”

Thus began a months-long process that stretched from summer of 2013 through this past winter — SYNNEX actually launched MasterStream in December, taking the intervening weeks to work through issues such as back-office integration.

“Once we figured all the kinks out, we wanted to make it public,” said Dow. “We felt like this was the right time.”

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