T-Mobile Launches New Wireless Plan, CEO Rails Against AT&T, Verizon

T-Mobile CEO John Legere kicked off a series of “uncarrier” announcements with a new Simple Starter plan — and a tirade against his competitors.

The Simple Starter plan is $40 a month and removes data overages, a direct response to plans such as AT&T’s, which immediately adds $20 fees for data overages, resulting in what T-Mo calls an “obscene” price hike that inspired Legere to attempt “to drive those predatory bait-and-switch schemes out of this industry.” That was just one of a handful of attention-grabbing comments he made in a blog on Wednesday.

Legere said the original idea of T-Mobile’s “uncarrier” movement a year ago was to fix the “arrogant, out-of-touch U.S. wireless industry” and free Americans from the “greedy, absurd practices of the old wireless companies.” This movement has turned into what Legere calls a revolution.

And it’s hard to argue that the tactics haven’t worked, at least to an extent. The company’s competitors have launched similar plans and promotions to regain old customers, retain current customers and attract new ones over the past several months.

“Just look at the frenzy of knee-jerk moves the competition launched in recent weeks,” Legere said. “It’s been fascinating  to watch the big, fat, old-guard carriers stumble as they try to respond and slow the change we are driving into this industry. I don’t know whether to laugh or cringe as they try to present themselves as anything other than the merciless greedy utilities they are. They must be thinking that we are done, because they’ve thrown a ton of money at short-lived promotions that come and go and they’ve rolled out painfully lame knock-offs of ‘uncarrier’ innovations.”

“… We will never be done. We’ve hardly gotten started,” Legere added.

T-Mobile announced at the Spring 2014 Channel Partners Conference & Expo in February that it was launching a nationwide channel program.

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