Verizon, T-Mobile Named Best for Value as AT&T Nips at Their Heels

**Editor’s Note: Which is America’s top wireless network? Click here to see what we discovered.**

As the wireless carriers battle it out for top revenue and customer satisfaction, the resulting marketing battle has left T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in a tie for highest value perception, according to a study from YouGov BrandIndex.

T-Mobile’s value perception, as determined by the index, has been rising since the beginning of the year. Its “uncarrier” plan has proved popular as it unbundles services, eliminates service contracts and phone subsidies and offers free international data roaming.

Verizon’s More Everything plans seemed to go over well at first with their added data, free international messaging and some free cloud storage, but it wasn’t quite enough to put T-Mobile in its rearview mirror.

AT&T’s value perception has been increasing some, as well, with its main tactic being to target current and potential T-Mobile customers and attempt to lure them away.

Additionally, smartphone users planning to switch mobile carriers have increasingly named T-Mobile, and sometimes AT&T, as their most likely pick, according to the study. Verizon and Sprint have lost ground here.

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