NetCarrier Targets Partners Tired of Quotas, Termination Threats

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NetCarrier aims to attract agents and VARs unhappy with master agencies that take cuts of their commissions and incentives, and that require certain sales amounts.

The company – a hosted PBX provider and CLEC based in Philadelphia – this week launched the nCloud Evergreen Plan, a program designed after three years of listening to partners. The takeaways:

  • Double-digit commissions
  • All SPIFFs and bonuses
  • No quotas

nCloud Evergreen Plan comes in addition to NetCarrier’s existing programs and will run through 2014, said Bruce Wirt, vice president of nCloud sales for NetCarrier. It’s available to new and existing partners throughout the country. Any agent or VAR already signed with NetCarrier may join the Evergreen program, but terms “would apply to customers signed under the new agreement only,” Wirt said. 

Partners who join the program will earn 15 percent in commissions, as well as the full amount of any associated SPIFFs and bonuses. The evergreen clause applies for the life of the customer, regardless of who handles the renewal.

“Many agents and VARs receiving larger commission percentages under existing contracts would not want to choose this option,” said Wirt.

Meantime, nCloud Evergreen Plan imposes no quotas.

“NetCarrier is simply requiring active engagement,” Wirt said. “We want to agents to be involved when we roll out education on our products and services. This may be participation in webinars, conference calls, and/or simply talking to their NetCarrier channel manager.”

Products available in the nCloud suite include PBX, Ethernet, Exchange and firewall.

NetCarrier created nCloud Evergreen Plan as a reaction to industry trends, Wirt said.

“The underserved Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities are many times forced to go through a master agent in order to secure favorable commission rates and protection from commission termination,” he explained. “In many cases, we have found that the subagents in these markets actually tend be more engaged and eager than the masters, and messages from carriers to these active subs are many times distorted or filtered by the master agents.”

As a result, NetCarrier is targeting partners in small and large markets. The provider holds arrangements in almost all of the independent ILEC territories, so agents in small markets who were “shunned from commissions in the past now have a level playing field,” said Wirt.

“We believe that agents will give business to carriers that perform, not carriers or masters that threaten them with quotas or termination,” he added. “Unlike our competitors, NetCarrier doesn’t have to tweak campaigns to please shareholders or venture capitalists.”

NetCarrier does sell through several master agents.  

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