Microsoft Office 365 Available on Apple iPad Today

As of today, Microsoft Office 365 subscribers may use the platform on their Apple iPads.

The availability of the Enterprise Mobility Suite came yesterday from Microsoft’s new CEO, Satya Nadella.

“Microsoft is focused on delivering the cloud for everyone, on every device. It’s a unique approach that centers on people — enabling the devices you love, work with the services you love, and in a way that works for IT and developers,” Nadella said in a prepared statement.

For some observers, the availability of Microsoft Office on iPad was long overdue.

“Office should be on any device or web site that customers are using to get work done,” Frank Gillett, vice president, principal analyst at Forrester Research, who works with CIOs, wrote in a March 27 blog. “The cloud service platform (OneDrive, Office 365, and Azure), not the operating system (Windows), is now the focus of the platforms wars,” he added.

Microsoft appears to be shifting its aim in that direction with the release of Enterprise Mobility Suite. Office 365 users now may create and edit Word, PowerPoint and Excel and other documents on their Apple tablets, and take advantage of cloud storage via the OneDrive platform.

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