Vidyo Helps Partners Customize Clients’ Contact Centers

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Vidyo Inc. this week released a developer resource kit that lets channel partners customize clients’ contact-center platforms.

Capabilities within the VidyoWorks Contact Center Reference Design include queuing logic, the ability to deliver context-sensitive content to consumers on hold, the ability to collect and present consumer data for agent review, and the ability to add subject matter experts or supervisors to a consumer interaction in real time. There’s also locally controllable video communication inside the browser.

“Video is becoming one of the desired means of communication between agent and user for a variety of use cases,” said Blair Pleasant, president and principal analyst of COMMfusion LLC. “Contact-center vendors that fail to recognize and take action on this trend risk losing market share to more innovative video-enabled call centers.”

The new apps work with the VidyoWorks API. They’re available for end users such as enterprises and call center provides, as well as systems integrators and other partners.

Vidyo specializes in conferencing and collaboration.

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