Voxox’s Lenovo Partnership Stands Good Chance ‘If There Is a Comprehensive Approach’ to Marketing

Voxox said on Tuesday that its services – including calling, texting, faxing, language translation and voicemail transcription – now come preloaded on a number of Lenovo’s consumer laptops.

The news could have a big impact for Voxox, which sells through channel partners, but that depends on how the offer is promoted, said Ryan Brock, senior vice president, worldwide SMB cloud and channels for research firm AMI Partners Inc.

“There have been many, many deals like this over the years where unfortunately a link on a PC desktop did not drive much in the way of trials or uptake,” he said. “If there is a comprehensive approach to promoting the offer, e.g., with other print, insert, social, electronic, etc. media, then I see a greater likelihood of a material impact on uptake.”

Without that kind of in-your-face marketing, the laptop buyer could overlook the Voxox availability; that compares to the SMB space, where a channel partner or IT department tends to drive awareness of communications services, Brock said.

In other words, Voxox is getting good exposure through its Lenovo partnership, but adoption rates remain a question, particularly since communications services such as Skype are more well known (despite their limited feature set compared to Voxox).

“User habits are hard to change,” said Anurag Agrawal, CEO of research firm TechAisle. “If they are used to Skype, the Voxox application may just sit on the PC and wallow or get uninstalled.”

Voxox is available on Lenovo laptops including the U530, Y510, and Flex 15 models. New Voxox users will receive free credit for their accounts, which will be topped up every month as part of an ongoing promotion. The credit can go toward outbound calls and SMS messages. Inbound communications remain free of charge.

“With PCs so integral to people’s lifestyles and work today, this solution gives our customers even more value and productivity from the moment they begin using their Lenovo laptop,” said David Cree, director of software and content services for Lenovo, in a prepared statement.

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