BYOD Drives Need for Mobile Security

The need for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies is a strong driver for deploying mobile device security.

That’s one finding from Infonetics Research’s new report, “2014 Mobile Security Strategies and Vendor Leadership: North American Enterprise,” which details enterprises’ plans for deploying security solutions for mobile devices, as well as their thoughts on leading mobile security vendors.

Businesses have an increasing desire to deliver solutions that effectively handle mobile-application control and mix personal and business use, the survey revealed.

Nearly half of the respondents in the Infonetics survey said they place their trust in the device OS manufacturers, waiting for security features to be embedded into the OS itself rather than using overlay security solutions. About half of those surveyed have dealt with lost or stolen devices containing sensitive or proprietary data, but only 15 percent believe that remote wipe, device location or disk/file/SD card encryption are key technologies for their mobile security solutions.

“Nearly every enterprise in North America needs a mobile security solution because they’re either managing mobile devices they own, rolling out a structured BYOD program or getting control of rogue employee-owned mobile devices that have been connected to the network. The lines between corporate and personal assets are blurring,” said Jeff Wilson, Infonetics Research principal analyst for security. “What the industry needs are solutions capable of securing all company- and employee-owned devices from the same console to ensure an identical level of protection for all devices, which means deploying security in the network or cloud as well as on the device.”

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