Google Expands Cloud Partner Program

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Google is expanding the Google Cloud Platform Partner Program that it unveiled in July 2012, both in terms of scope and membership.

Today it unveiled three tiers, which it said are “the first steps of many to further develop our partner community so we can provide the best possible experiences for everyone out there while working hand in hand with those companies that make it possible.”

The new designations will help Google’s top service and technology partners more easily distinguish themselves from one another in the market and provide a pathway for smaller organizations to affiliate and grow with the company. (In Google’s parlance, services companies “provide consulting and implementation services on various Google Cloud Platform products” while technology participants “provide [either] tools which integrate with the Google Cloud Platform to extend its reach and functionality, or use one of the Google Cloud Platform products as a foundation for their products.”)

The program, which outlines the basic tools, training and other resources that partners receive in exchange form making certain commitments to Google, has attracted more than 160 partners to date. With the announcement today, the partner program will have a three, graduated levels, each with a distinct set of benefits and requirements. They go by the names “Premier,” “Authorized” and “Registered.”

Here are some details on the tiers for service provider organizations:

Premier Partners: The highest level, this tier is open to any Authorized Partner that meets the following requirements. Premier partners must execute a Google Cloud Platform Program Agreement, complete a Premier Services Partner application and satisfy the Premier Services Partner requirements. These companies will also be given the opportunity to sign a “Google Cloud Platform Reseller Agreement,” if they have not done so already.

The revenue expectation at this level is $120,000 annually and the personnel commitment is five technicians and five salespeople.

Partners at this level will be invited to participate in a quarterly review with Google executives of partner-driven marketing plans and invited to Google-driven Cloud marketing events. They can also expect to be asked to participate in guest blog posts on Google sites. Premier Partners will receive co-selling and joint account planning support, leads from Google and invitation to participate in Google sales meetings. They will also participate in a quarterly review with Google executives of partner-driven sales plans.           

Authorized Partners: This designation requires an invitation from Google and is reserved for partners that have signed a Google Cloud Platform Program Agreement, completed an Authorized Services Partner application and satisfied the Authorized Services Partner requirements. In addition to online support and training, partners at this level will also receive help with branding and relationship management, NDA product roadmap briefings and more.

The revenue expectation at this level is $12,000 annually and the personnel commitment is two technicians and two salespeople.

Registered Companies: Open to any partner, this entry level is open to organizations that complete a Google Cloud Platform Program application. Doing so gives them access to basic online resources and training.

There are no revenue or personnel commitments at this level.

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