Salestream Adds ‘Order Interview’ Feature to MasterStream

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CHANNEL PARTNERS Salestream Software (Booth 8023) today released a new feature within its MasterStream automation system for agents, VARs and providers.

“Order Interview” lets MasterStreams participating telecom providers create questionnaires to front-end” the automated order documentation generated from their quotes.

When ready to complete the order, MasterStreams Order Interview presents the agent with questions, offers validated input options and simplifies the entire process. The answers collected are then automatically embedded in the correct locations within the order document(s) when opened.

“Weve been generating pre-populated order documents for years but Order Interview takes this convenience to a new level for the users,” said Jeff Fraser, president of Salestream Software. “Were not only completing much of the order for the agent, with the Order Interview were eliminating most of the frustration and guesswork with it. By putting guardrails on the process, were also providing a major benefit to the providers by facilitating clean and accurate orders.”

Every order document can have its own Order Interview with any number of questions. Questions may be defined as optional or required, and the answers to each question may be constrained to drop-down menu items, input boxes, or free-form text windows as appropriate.

“Im pleased to say, as with most of the new features we develop for the agent community, Order Interview will be free to use for all customers, including those on our $99 MasterStream-LITE bundle,” Fraser said.


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